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  27-29 February  -  “Amulets Camp” –creation workshop

Through this camp we aimed at returning to the 1 March traditions which existed in our families when we were children.

 Participants: Children from the Family-type Centre of Valea Mare, School No. 3 of Ştefăneşti and St. Constantin and Elena Community Services Complex for Children at Risk from Piteşti. The amulets were offered to the elderly people from the Social Assistance Centres.


9-13 April – Egg Decorative Painting Camp

Within the Egg Decorative Painting Camp we organized workshops on different themes, namely: ceramics painting workshop, ceramics eggs painting workshops, exhibition of traditional costumes, wood carving and traditional art workshop, egg painting workshop.

Participants: Children from the schools in Ştefăneşti, a group of prisoners from Colibaşi Penitentiary, the nuns from Florica Hermitage.


6-8 iulie – Logopedia Camp

The camp was organized in accordance with the children’s deficiencies, namely intellectual or mental deficiency. It was held within the Family-type Centre from Valea Mare in partnership with AUDIOLUX Auditory Prosthesis and Logopedics Centre from Bucureşti.


30 July - 5 August – Children’s Manual Skills Development Camp

The participants benefited from the guidance and coordination of a traditional craftswoman from Covasna- Mrs. Magdalena Zabet.

Participants:  Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti,

                     School No. 3 of Ştefăneşti.


13- 19 August - Glass Painted Icons Camp

The purpose of this ability camp was to teach the participants the traditional craft of glass painting, to promote quality, to respect the canon in painting icons on glass. Participants:  Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti, School No. 3 Ştefăneşti, a group of prisoners from Colibasi penitentiary



20- 24 August – Chess Camp

The purpose of organizing a camp of this nature was that chess may influence the intelligence development of those practicing this mind game, certainly improving the memory thanks to the complex problems it poses to be solved.

Participants:  Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti




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