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10- 30  August – Exhibition of personal possessions belonging to Brătianu family, the 7th edition

                           - Exhibition of photographs “Brătianu Family–Political and Everyday Life”, the 2nd edition.

10 August - Exhibition of the "Glass Painted Icons Camp”, the 6th edition

The purpose of this ability camp is to teach the participants the traditional craft of glass painting, to promote quality, to follow the canon in making icons on glass. Participants:  Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti, School No. 3 Ştefăneşti.

12-16  August – Chess Camp, the 4th edition

The purpose of organizing a camp of this nature was that chess may influence the intelligence development of those practicing this game of the mind, certainly improving the memory thanks to the complex problems it poses to be solved.

Participants:  Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti

19 August-  Exhibition of the Children’s Manual Skills Development Camp, the 3rd edition

26 August- 6 September - Dolls Camp, the 3rd edition


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25.06.2015 - PRESS RELEASE
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25.06.2015 - Traditions of Arges 50 km far from the Polar Circle
Traditions of Arges 50 km far from the Polar Circle
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