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The main objectives whose achievement is pursued within the average and long-term strategy of ”Brătianu” Cultural Centre are directed toward the following:


1.      drawing-up projects of restoration-preservation for Florica Villa, a monument of A category, in order to obtain financing from central and European funds

-training of certain employees at Florica Villa in cultural marketing and cultural projects management, classes which will ensure the appropriation of skills needed to develop more and more necessary projects and the corresponding promotion of the institution image

-provide in the institution budget certain amounts for vocational training and specialization.


2.      providing, in the own budget, funds for the protection of the patrimony, the preservation not only of the historical monument, but also of the park surrounding it, on which purpose one will have in view:

-          planting white fir trees, pines, white cedar

-          modernization of the lightning system in the park

-          rehabilitation of the infrastructure inside the park

-          enforcement of all the fences

-          video surveillance for the park and the villa

-          renewal of the secondary access road behind the B building of  Florica Villa

-          renewal of the secondary alleys inside the park leading to “La Vulturi” group of statues, to the hermitage and the A building of the villa

-          consolidation of the foundation of “La Vulturi” group of statues

-          major reparation of the roof for buildings A, B and C

-          providing funds in order to secure in installments the goods of the mobile cultural patrimony (inside of the villa: ceilings, bookcases, furniture)


3.      preservation and refreshing of the permanent exhibitions

-          glass-painted icons, personal objects and photos of the Brătianu family

-          organizing camps of creation and glass-painted icons


4.      programme of restoration and conservation of original furniture objects

-          the suspended bookcase (building A)

-          the cupboard on the terrace (building A)

-          the bookcase in the meeting room (building B)


5.      promotion of certain information policies (mass media, institution website) about the place where ”Brătianu” Cultural Centre carries out its activity, promotion of the image of the centre


One will take into account the following:


-articles in the local press and specialized reviews,

-organization of symposiums and sessions of scientific papers, taking part in such events organized at national level by similar institutions,


-permanent update of the webpage (www.culturabratianu.ro ), various information updated as frequently as possible, youtube, photos, links, articles on the institution blog

-creation of a blog where people can discuss on different cultural and educational topics, which offers the advantages of detailed, always up-to-date information, and of a strong emotional impact. The blog has regular visitors and is an excellent means of bringing new visitors.

-a radio campaign through making a publicity advertisement broadcast at hours of maximum audience, in the morning, before and after the news,

-publicity in newspapers and magazines (excepting newspapers dealing with topics of scandal), on the second page, where the visibility is maximum. The publicity will be daily. The flexibility of the press campaign is the efficient targetting of people.

-online banners (sites on which will appear the banner www.culturabratianu.ro )

-outdoor publicity, placing publicity boards in the most circulated areas of Pitești

-”Brătianu” Cultural Centre will keep on giving prizes at festivals and exhibitions (The Festival of the Studio Theatre, The National Icons Exhibition”Rugămu-ne ție” (We pray to you), The Festival of Poetry ”Ion Pillat”)

-email campaigns, publicity messages related to the offer of services of the centre.


6.               resizing, enforcing and repositioning Florica Villa within the community, as a public forum concentrating in its location cultural and non-formal, educational events


-          promotion of a non-formal, open learning system to encourage competition and creativity and to aim at the permanent education 

-          organization of programmes of continuous training, improvement classes in partnership with similar institutions

-          development of partnerships with non-governmental cultural organizations and schools in order to achieve non-formal education

-          organization within the centre of various cultural activities, in partnership with other cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations

-          continuation of cultural projects addressing students, having as an objective to make them familiar with the painting exhibitions, photos

-          allotting yearly funds in order to acquire works of art and fund for books (permanent development of the book fund)

-          exhibitions and book releases, festivals, symposiums dedicated to Argeș personalities

-          promotion of local cultural personalities through different programmes and activities


The institution’s cultural offer must meet the requirements and cultural needs of people living in Argeș and not only.


A planning of the centre’s cultural activities throughout a year could be:   


Cultural Activities


-150 years from Cuza’s Union                                                                 January

-Romanian Celebrations “Dragobetele kisses the girls”                           February

-The camp of March amulets                                                                   February

-The International Women’s Day - Awarding excellence diplomas        March

-The World Theatre Day - theatre shows                                                 27th of March

-The International Day of Childrens’ Books                                           2nd of April

-Earth Day                                                                                               April

-Romanian traditions “Sângiorgiu or the Thracian Knight” (the Day of the Romanian Ground Forces)                                                                23rd of April

-National Icons Exhibition”Rugămu-ne ție” (We pray to you)                April

-Europe Day – prize competition                                                             9th of May

-The Conference “Monarchy in Romania”                                              10th of May

-Adolescent Day in Romania                                                                   May

-The International Children’s Day                                                           1st of June

-Heroes’ Day – laying down wreaths                                                      5th of June

-The Painting Camp – “glass-painted icons”                                           July

-The National Symposium “The Brătianu family in Romanians’ History”

-The International Day of Older Persons “Eternal Youth”                     1st of October

-“Ion Pillat” Poetry Competition “Acolo unde-n Argeș” (There

in Argeș)                                                                                                  October

-The camp of traditions “Sumedru (Saint Dumitru) at Florica”              October

-The Festival of Your Chances                    every year in the first week of November

-The World Diabetes Day                                                                        November

-Romania National Day                                                                       1st of December

-Santa Claus visiting Florica                                                                    December





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