Instituție de cultură finanțată de Consiliul Județean Argeș
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The object of activity of Bratianu Cultural Centre is to draw up a cultural programme aimed at integrating the historical monument into the cultural circuit.

         According to the Ordinance No. 518/05.04.1993 of the Ministry of Culture, in accordance with the object of activity, the competences and organizational structure, Bratianu Cultural Centre  conducts, among others, self-financed activities in the food service and services providing domain. (Decision No. 76/28/06/2007 of Arges County Council)

         The Centre initiates and conducts cultural programmes in lifelong education and traditional culture, consistently aiming:

-      to draw up different attractive and useful lifelong education projects;

-      to preserve and transmit the moral​​, artistic and technical values of the community where it is registered, and of the national and world cultural heritage;


-      to preserve and cultivate the regional or local specific features, stimulate creativity and talent, revitalize and promote traditional occupations and crafts specific to the area where it operates and support the people who practice them;

-      to contribute to the cultivation of the values ​​and authenticity of the folkloric contemporary creations and of the non-professional interpretative arts, for all the genres - music, choreography, theatre etc;

-      develop cultural exchanges at county, national and international level;

-      to educate the public from the scientific and artistic point of view, through specific programmes;

-   support young valuable researchers and artists;

      -  draw up and publish studies, publications and documentary materials;

      - collaborate with Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, with foundations, Romanian and foreign universities, in order to affirm and make the values of the Romanian culture and civilization known to the public;


       -  enrich the institution’s heritage through donations, purchases, organization of camps and artistic exhibitions and other events;

       -  accredit professional artistic bands and ensembles;


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