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             In 2008, we celebrated a century and a half since Ion C. Bratianu decided to build a living place on the site of an older building located in a hilly area, at a distance of five kilometers from Pitesti, in close proximity to the road linking the residence municipality of Arges county to the capital of the country. Over the years there have been continuous interesting historical-documentary testimonies about this construction, a valuable architectural monument and a place of creation, rest and reflection which members of the famous family experienced during their life, among whom Ion C. Bratianu stands out with entitled moral authority, being a politician with major contributions to the work of building the Modern State of Romania in the nineteenth century and an incontestable partisan of the National Proclamation Act and the Conquest of the State Independence following the Romanian – Russian - Turkish War 1877-1878.

            His work was continued by his son, Ion I.C. Brătianu, a remarkable politician and statesman, with incontestable merits in achieving the unification of the Romanian nation along with the Union of 1 December 1918 and, subsequently, in consolidating the Great Romania through a series of reforms that included all social sectors and domains. The other members of Bratianu family -Constantin, Vintilă, Gheorghe- also contributed to these achievements.

            The House of Bratianu family from Florica polarized throughout its existence the attention and interest of many people and personalities from Romania and abroad as well. Statesmen and politicians, writers, scientific and cultural personalities have stepped across its threshold. Last but not least, it must be highlighted that the liberals from Romania have considered Florica a true "Mecca" as creatively Constantin Argetoianu named it.

           Florica, as well, underwent the history convulsions, but managed to maintain and develop despite vicissitudes of the times caused not only by natural erosions but also by incapable or malevolent people who, unfortunately, during the communist regime, in their cerebral primitivism, brought it significant damages.

            Today, due to Brătianu Cultural Centre, Florica represents a dynamic institution, which is representative for the cultivation of life and work of Bratianu family, which constantly maintains the interest of the public, civil society, historians, teachers and other socio-professional categories for the masterpiece and fundamental idea of the Romanian democratic society: establishment of a lawful, constitutional, independent, unitary and indivisible state, as it was designed, created and modernized by Bratianu family.



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