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23 January – “Let’s Join Hands”.

The event consisted of different sketches on the theme of the Partial Union (Mica Unire), artistic performances, exhibitions, discussions, traditional costumes parade.

Participants: Veterans Choir from Piteşti, children from the Nursery School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti, Vintilă Brătianu School No. 2 of Ştefăneşti, School of Călineşti Vale, Constructions School Group No. 2 Piteşti, St. Constantin and Elena Community Services Complex for Children at Risk from Piteşti, the Family-type Centre from Găvana, as well as Mr. Paul Cruceană.


   2 April – The International Day of Children’s Books

The more courageous children interactively participated in the narration of different stories written by Thomas Anderson, discovering and learning about a special world, with new experiences and surprises alongside the actors Nicolae Bănică and Gabriela Roşu.


   7-9 September -  Thalia Fest Amateur Theatre Festival

The Theatre Festival is of cultural-artistic nature and had two sections, on age groups (high school students and adults):

-theatre troupes


 Participants: Children’s Palace from Piteşti, NOI(I) Troupe from Călăraşi, ROBERTO Troupe, Piteşti.     

     01 October – International Day of Elderly People “Long Life Education”

The purpose of organizing this event was to pay homage to the contribution the elderly people had to the communities they come from. The event took place at the Care and Assistance Centre from Pitești.

Participants:  Doruri Argeșene Ensemble of the Eurosenior Pensioners Association from Romania and the interpreter Tiberiu Hărăguș from the Cultural Centre of Pitești.


     22-25 October – “Sâmedru (St. Dumitru) at  Florica”

Participants:  Dunav Cultural Ensemble from Sviniţa commune, Mehedinţi County; Dorul Ensemble from the County Centre for Preserving and Promoting the Traditional Culture -Argeş; Dancing ensembles from the Children’s Palace; Dancing ensembles from the Folkloric School of Arts and Crafts - Piteşti; Armonia Vocal Ensemble, coordinated by  Tiberiu Hărăguş.




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