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Over the twenty years since its establishment, Brătianu Cultural Centre has organized and hosted important specialized meetings: the conference held by Valeriu Dobrinescu, PhD, entitled Bratianu Family and International Relations; launching its own webpage (May 1999); The Neo-Romanian Style conference attended by members of the Architects Union of Romania, other cultural personalities; the first photo exhibition dedicated to the buildings in the neo-Romanian style in the area of Arges and Muscelul (February 2000); opening the tourist circuit and the permanent exhibition - the first step towards setting up Bratianu Memorial Museum; the colloquium dedicated to familiarization with and protection of the architectural ensemble erected by Brătianu family; the national colloquium The Book and Romanian Writers in Transition, attended by more than 40 writers, editors and cultural programme organizers from Romania (July-August 2000); Sâmedru at Florica Tradition and Decorative Art Campwhich attracted a wide audience of students, selected from the schools in Ştefăneşti, of plastic artists - teachers at Dinu Lipatti Art High School from Pitesti - and  representatives of the National Centre for Preserving and Turning to Good Account the Folk Traditions and Creation (October); Ion Pillat National Poetical Creation Contest.

The impact action of Brătianu Cultural Centre is represented by The National Symposium Bratianu Family in the Romanian History, held annually, in September.

In 2003, the jubilee year, the institution organized a series of activities designed to contribute to a greater familiarization with and popularization of the information regarding the history of Brătianu family and the places where they lived. Also, the goals pursued consistently by Brătianu Cultural Centre include the promotion of quality cultural activities, regardless of the reference domain, and creation of the environment adequate to successfully achieve the goals of each of the actions conducted.


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25.06.2015 - PRESS RELEASE
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25.06.2015 - Traditions of Arges 50 km far from the Polar Circle
Traditions of Arges 50 km far from the Polar Circle
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