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08 February 2012 – the contest “You Know, You Win!”

We organized drawing competitions - "Who finishes first"; a general knowledge contest between the participants; an artistic-plastic skills contest.


Participants: Vintila Bratianu School No. 2 of Stefanesti, Nursery School No.2 with normal working hours of Stefanesti and Nursery School No. 2 with extended working hours from Stefanesti.


24 February 2012 – the event ”Romanian Holidays –Dragobete Kisses the Girls”,

For over three hours, the 250 spectators attended an artistic performance that included three contests with prizes, folkloric dance recital, sketches, etc.


Participants: the children from the Children's Palace in Pitesti, the Cultural Centre of Pitesti, Vintila Bratianu School No.2 from Stefanesti, Nursery Schools with normal and extended working hours from Stefanesti, School No. 3 of Stefanesti, School of Calinesti, House of Culture in Stefanesti, Stefanesti Town Hall, Doruri Argesene Vocal Group from Eurosenior Association of the Pensioners and Expropriated People in Romania.


19 June 2012 - contest - “Children Have Talent”

 The event consisted in contests such as:

-the most beautiful drawing on the asphalt

-general knowledge contest

- artistic-plastic skills contest

   Participants: Nursery School No. 2 with normal working hours from Ştefăneşti and Nursery School No. 2 with extended working hours from Ştefăneşti.                       

On Thursday, 14 February 2013, at 10.00, we organized the 2nd edition of the   contest “You Know, You Win!” Partners of the event were: Vintilă Brătianu Nursery School with normal working hours from Ștefănești and Vintilă Brătianu Nursery School with extended working hours from Ștefănești. The children were divided into two teams: the Butterflies Team and the Flowers Team. The contest between the two teams consisted in competitions from different domains: artistic-plastic skills, poetry and general knowledge. The two teams finished the contest in a draw and were rewarded with sweets.


 Argeș County Council through Brătianu Cultural Centre organized the 9th edition of the event entitled “Romanian Holidays - DRAGOBETE” on 22 February 2013 at Florica Villa from Ștefanești, beginning with 10.00. The event dedicated to love consisted of a contest between Vintilă Brătianu Middle School and the Primary School No. 2 of Ștefănești.

The students of these schools competed for two hours reciting poems and dancing (waltz, tango and kissing dance). All the students were given prizes at the end of the competition. The event ended with the participants joining the kissing dance.


         Brătianu Cultural Centre, with the support of Argeș County Council, organized the 6th edition of the event Europe Day is Your Day Too” on 09.05.2013 at the Middle School No. 1 of Ștefănești. The students of the above mentioned school participated in a general knowledge contest about the European Union.

          9 May was chosen as Europe’s Day by the European Council from Milan, in 1985, being considered that the starting point of building the united Europe was the Declaration of 9 May 1950 through which Robert Schuman, the French minister of Foreign Affairs, proposed to Germany, and other European states, that “concrete foundations of a European federation indispensable for peace maintaining” should be laid.

         Along with the adherence to the European Union, the day of 9 May has already become a tradition for our institution.




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