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          Nowadays, when Romania released from the evil darkness of the totalitarian Communist regime for more than two decades, has occupied the deserved place in the great family of the European nations and our country regained its status as democratic and constitutional state, guarantor of citizens’ freedoms and rights, the residence of Brătianu family at Florica re-flourished, enjoying a new status that it truly deserves. Offended as its rightful owners during the totalitarian regime, the house of Brătianu family regained through the institution it shelters, Brătianu Cultural Centre, the vocation to be the very reason for its existence, not only a custodian of a valuable immovable estate but and an unmistakable presence in the country's cultural and spiritual spectrum.

             The mission of the Centre is to preserve and capitalize on the material and spiritual heritage the Brătianu family incorporated into the Romanian civilization.

           Brătianu Cultural Centre transmits experiences and traditions capable of maintaining an elevated and relevant atmosphere which undoubtedly contributes to the benefit of the lifelong education. Therefore, there is a fruitful and fertile spirit generated by the people who lived and worked in this wonderful place, blessed by the generous nature. This spirit belonged to a family of hardworking, honest, dignified people endowed with the sense of honour, correctness and altruism: the members of Brătianu family.

              Florica is an outstanding place on the map of historical monuments in Romania and the responsibility of the Cultural Centre is to become a gradually active, functional and efficient institution.





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